West-Berliner Beate Bartel`s interest in sounds, noise and music helped her way through the 70th where she found herself at a cultural Ground Zero. Anything could happen and did in 1978 after her studies to become a sound engineer. A founding member of Mania D., Einstürzende Neubauten, Liaisons Dangereuses and Matador she was part of the experimental impulse that made way into today’s museums.

She is most closely associated with chbb & Liaisons Dangereuses as one the most important electronic acts of the early 1980s. The vinyl release of chbb 5-2024, long awaited and groundbreaking, just took place.

Mania D. found their sound through improvisation and Matador, the most underrated project of Bartel, Gut and Duursma, experimenting in sound and visual arts released three albums.

The work for Myra Davies – Cities & Girls 2008 and the show „Paradiesisches Tor“ by Matador & Myra Davies in 2011 opened the door to the work of „Sirens“ and „Instrumental for Sirens“ which was released in January 2017.

The Monika Werkstatt release in 2017 since than was followed by various Monika Werkstätten in Berlin, Malaga, Prag, Bukarest, Hamburg etc. and a collaboration with Showcase Beat Le Mot „Dead Season“ Theatre & Music, Hebbel-Theater, 2019

For the next two years she worked intensively on the book and exhibition named „m-dokumente“, which took place October 2021 in „Betonhalle“ at Silent Green. 

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